Kaiseki-ryori in Kyoto – Hyotei

Sunday December 23rd, 2018 0

Although it was extravagant, we had Kaiseki-ryori (a traditional Japanese meal brought in courses) in a Japanese-style restaurant, Hyotei, in Kyoto. This restaurant started as […]

Stroll in Kyoto – Murin-an

Sunday December 23rd, 2018 0

Beside Nanzenji temple in Kyoto, Murin-an (“an” means hermitage), a second house of Aritomo Yamagata, who was a politician in the Meiji period, is situated. […]

Ukimido and Sagawa Art Museum

Saturday December 15th, 2018 0

There is an art museum called “Sagawa Bijutukan” in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture, where works of art by a Japanese-style painter, Ikuo Hirayama and a […]